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My Sunday Best(s)

Hello!  How has your weekend been?  I have had a great time exploring my new city, Nashville, this weekend.  There really is so much to do here and I know I've only just started, but I love everything so far!

I have been thinking about creating a post series called "My Sunday Best" for a while now.  I thought it would be a fun way to share some of my favorite things.  So, without any further delay...

All Mint Everything

I just love the color mint.  I can't get enough.  One of the main colors at my wedding (including the bridesmaid dresses) were mint.  Most of the clothes I buy these days end up being mint.  My sneakers that I'm wearing right now are mint.  My water bottle is mint.  It is definitely my favorite color right now.


I was at a coffee shop a few weeks ago carrying this water bottle and the guy at the counter asked me if I always match my water bottle to my outfit.  It was then that I realized I was wearing a mint dress.  I said no, I just match all my outfits to this water bottle.  #truth

I just got this new mint iPhone case today.  I had been eyeing this case for a while now but when I stubbled across the mint one, I was all in.  And don't forget, my mint chapstick.

Dog Covers Eyes During Rescue

I don't know why I torture myself with videos like this.  At least this has a happy ending..

This Bedding

I received this quilt as a wedding gift.  And then today, when I was out shopping, I saw that Anthropologie was having a sale on bedding so I got the matching shams to match!  I love it.  I just hope Darcy doesn't jump all over it with her muddy feet!


Dog Friendly Patios

For those of you in Nashville, the Nashville Guru has a great list of restaurants that allow dogs.  It is my new go-to list to find places to check out in Nashville.

Saturday, we tried out Crema, which is on Rutledge Hill in Nashville right next to downtown - slash kind of in downtown.  Their coffee was delicious and I loved their menu for brunch.  It was a lot of smaller/lighter plates.  Which was just right.


It is like a selfie but way cuter because there is a furry friend in the picture.  You should try it!


Fancy Cocktails

My friends and I went to Husk in Nashville this weekend, which is one of Sean Brock's restaurants.  It is in an adorable house on Rutledge Hill.  He only uses local ingredients so the food is amazingly fresh.

I was especially impressed with their original cocktails.  Our group did a great job of trying out a variety of their specialties.

What are you loving lately?