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Not So Normal Race Recap

Hello!  How is your week going?  We've been pretty busy around here.  More information to come on that, but I wanted to check-in quickly to give you a little recap about the Not So Normal Run this past May in Carrboro!

Let me first just say how much I love running smaller local races!  You get all the excitement and adrenaline that you experience in any other race with shorter lines and less of a crowd.

The Not So Normal Run did not disappoint.

And the weather was perfect!  I'm so glad I got to experience their second ever race and their first time offering the 10K and the Half Marathon.

I participated in the 10K course which was at times confusing because the Half Marathon was crossing over it, but it was still a great course.  The event encourages you not to use any technology while running.  Actually, for the 10K, you couldn't win the race unless you ran without any tracking devices.  I knew I wouldn't win, but I figured it would be fun to participate.  It was nice to just focus on running and not think too much about my pace - but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that at times I really really wanted to know how my pace was...

The Half Marathoners had a tougher time with their course than the 10K.  Many of the racers ran further than your typical 13.1 Half Marathon due to confusion and missed turns on the course.  Not to worry though!  The 2016 Not So Normal Half Marathon is already mapped out and there will be no zig-zags!

The Not So Normal Race series comes back again next April 3rd in 2016.  This time, they will be offering a 5K, Half Marathon, and a Full Marathon!  I'm so excited for Jay and everyone who has put this event together.  It has been such a huge success and I hope it will continue to be an event that brings the community together.  Are you up for it?