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What's New in Durham

The weather in North Carolina was pretty crazy this weekend.  We went from winter to spring in two days!  By Sunday, it was a high of 68 degrees.  Needless to say, Darcy loves that type of weather.  We were able to take her on a little trek around Duke Forest.  The beautiful weather had a lot of people out on the trails!  Which is different from what we've grown accustomed to over the winter months where we were the only ones out there (I guess we were pretty spoiled).

Darcy loves meeting people on the trail.  It's just a question of whether they love to meet her too. Mostly they do, but maybe a little less so after she's been swimming in the streams.

Today I wanted to share a few fun new restaurants in Durham for all of you Triangle area locals.  Two are actually new spots that have opened up over the past year.  One restaurant is just new to me but still I think it's underrated for how great it is.

First one up is Juju, which is over on Ninth Street in Durham in the same plaza/building as my true love, Pure Barre Durham.

Juju is owned by the same owner as Jujube in Chapel Hill (I've never been because I hear it is a little too pricey for me - but is supposed to be amazing) and Dos Perros (which I love love love - and not just because the restaurant's name is Two Dogs).  They opened at the end of last year.

Nate and I went a few weeks ago for a Friday night out.  First thing, if you want to plan a night there, definitely go for the Open Table reservation.  I made my reservation about a week out and had no issue.  When we got there, the place was packed with people waiting to get a table.  We were sat right away so I was glad I planned ahead.  Rather be safe on that one.  And also doesn't hurt to earn those Open Table points towards a free dining check.

Their specialty here is Asian style tapas.  Nate and I split 5 plates and then split a dessert as well.  Each dish was amazing.  I think you can't go wrong here.  I would love to go back again, but the price point has me a little hesitant.  I highly recommend if you're willing to splurge!

The second new spot opened a little less than a year ago.  I was talking about it during Restaurant Week in the Triangle - Harvest 18.  Nate and I were able to check it out during Restaurant Week and I was very impressed.  It has a casual vibe, which Nate liked.  The food is all farm to table and tasted incredibly fresh.  My favorite thing I had there was was their own twist of a Moscow Mule that was delicious.  I think we will be back even if it is not Restaurant Week.

Finally, I want to talk to you about Guglhupf.  This one I've heard of several times since I've moved to North Carolina, but just hadn't gotten the chance to make it over there.  Well, it kind of felt like we were the last to know, because it was PACKED.  We waited in a decent line to order our food at the counter.  Luckily, seating wasn't too bad and we got our food in a decent amount of time.  It was delicious and I loved all of the warm sandwich options.

You may think I am crazy but I'm not really into egg based breakfasts which makes the whole brunch scene sometimes a little difficult.  I usually feel like there is too much egg in whatever dish I have gotten so I end up sticking to an egg-less brunch option.  It was great that Guglhupf had so many other options that I didn't feel limited in my selection.

They also have an adorable outdoor space so I'm looking forward to coming back again when the true warm weather months come.

And that is about it for now!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Triangle people, any other suggestions on new spots I should try?