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Curing the Monday Blues

Happy Monday!

We had a dark, dreary, and rainy Monday here in North Carolina today.  


It was hard to not let it get me down.  This got me thinking of ways to help cure that Monday Blues.  And since I love a good list, I thought I'd list some for you! :)

#1 Go to bed early Sunday night

Easier said than done, I know.  But I find myself sleeping late on a Sunday morning and then struggling to get to bed at a reasonable time Sunday night which means I'm exhausted on Monday morning.  Do your best to set an early bedtime on Sunday night and stick to it!

#2 Treat yourself

Give yourself a little something extra on Monday.  Today for me this meant taking the extra time to make a delicious strawberry protein smoothie for breakfast.


Try to find that special way to treat yourself to something a little extra like saving a new/special outfit for a Monday or taking the extra time to go to you favorite coffee shop (Dunks) and get your favorite caffeinated beverage (french vanilla ice coffee, skim milk, no sugar).

#3 Schedule time for yourself

Set aside some time during the day to do something just for you.  I was able to get up early this morning to take a Pure Barre class which always gets me in the zone and ready for the day.  I tend to think that exercise is the cure to anything but if that isn't your thing, try to find some time to read that favorite book or just relax and listen to music.

#4 Smile

I mean how can you not smile at this.

Or this.

Or this...


Or especially this!

#5 Hug a dog

Easier said than done.


Hope everyone's Mondays went well!  How do you gear up for your Monday and your week?