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Welcome to the Weekend

Welcome to the weekend!  This week was tough for me and it felt like Friday couldn't come soon enough.  I am so glad it's finally here!  So is Darcy!

queen darcy

Last night we went to Porkapalooza at The Root Cellar in Chapel Hill.  It was an amazing farmers dinner/feast (think family style dinner where everyone shares big platters for each course) complete with wine pairings.


Here's Sera, one of the owners.

We had an amazing time and the food was delicious.  They had pork meatballs and pork egg rolls...


We may have overdone ourselves but we had a great time (sporting my awesome new dress from Target)!  


Afterwards, we met some friends for a quick drink.


Yes, those are sake bombs.  

Then it was home and to bed somewhat early to rest up for my Pure Barre Triple Threat in the morning.  I taught 3 classes at the Durham studio.  After it's all done sometimes I have no idea how I made it through.  I think it's just the energy in the room is contagious -- I'm able to just soak it all in and keep the momentum up!


Here I am trying to explain to a client how to lift with her inner thigh.  I had a couple newbies in class this morning and they did a great job lifting, toning, and burning all class long. :)

Thanks to one of my clients, I now know that there is a Dunkin' Donuts on my way home from the studio!  My mind is blown.  It's hidden on the side of one of the shopping centers so I had never seen it before.  You better bet I'm going to be a frequent customer!  Dunkin' Donuts coffee is a Boston staple.  And you're just not a Bostonian unless you are addicted to Dunks coffee.  Since moving to North Carolina, I have had to make an extra effort to find a Dunks.  They just aren't on every corner like they are in the Northeast.  So every trip now is an extra special treat.


Pure Happiness.  And my first Dunks pumpkin ice coffee of 2014!

My friends tell me that when I start to talk about Dunks my Boston accent comes out loud and proud.  I just can't help myself!

For lunch, Nate and I headed to a new spot in Chapel Hill called Olio and Aceto.  It is created by the owner of Blue Sky Oil & Vinegar and the owner of the Olio and Aceto food truck.  I was really excited to try out this new restaurant and it did not let me down.

I had the caprese sandwich.  It was so good.


And I love their Mediterranean decor.  Such a cute little spot!  Chapel Hill locals need to try this place!!


From here, I'm going to sneak in a little bit of pool time before heading to the dog park with the Queen.  Then it's off to a nice dinner with some friends.

How is your weekend going?