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Darcy's Fears

I grew up around dogs and was accustomed to certain doggy fears.  One of my dogs would hide in the basement during a thunderstorm.  She would seek low ground and that was the only way she would feel safe.

Darcy is a little different.  I have come to find that she has some very unique fears that I thought I would share.


Darcy is numb to thunder.  It amazes me.  We were in Charleston a few weeks ago and it sounded like lightning was striking our heads.  But she just laid on the couch.  Not a care in the world.  She definitely hears it.  But it does not bother her one bit.


Fear of Thunderstorms: NO

Fire Works

Here's another classic doggy fear.  We got Darcy the day before Fourth of July last year so she didn't know what was happening.  Her first Fourth of July was this July.  I wasn't quite sure what would happen.  Some neighbors set off fireworks and she started angry barking.  I'm talking ANGRY bark.  Not so much scared.  Just pissed.

Fear of Fireworks: More angry than scared

Neighbor's Mailbox

This has to be my favorite.  I was away for a wedding and I got a text from Nate.  He said our new neighbor put in a new mailbox post.  Rather than your typical mailbox post, this one is a stone carving of a dragon.  It's strange but not outrageous by any means.  If Darcy hadn't noticed it, I don't think we would have either.


Oh, did Darcy ever notice it.  Her first walk after the new mailbox debuted, she wouldn't walk past it.  She sat on the ground and barked at it and refused to walk any further.  Nate had to drag her to it to let her sniff it and show her that it is just a statue.  Not a dragon.  We promise.

Fear of dragon mailbox: Terrified

Darcy has already grown out of some of her fears.  Such as her fear of the robot vacuum..


or that scary puppy in the mirror.

What is your dog afraid of?