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Lion Puppy

Hello!  How was your week?  Hope you had a fun and wonderful Halloween!

Did you dress up this year?  Figuring out a costume is always a challenge for me.  I always want to get those creative juices flowing to come up with that amazing, recognizable, and unique costume that will have everyone talking.  Unfortunately, those creative juices usually don't come to me in time and I'm left with a costume that I just don't feel crazy about.

This year was somewhat successful.  Earlier this week, my mom shared the brilliant idea of having Darcy be a Lion.

It was perfect.

And she hated it.

As soon as I took the mane out of the package, Darcy ran and hid under the dining room table.  I'm not sure if she knew what was going to happen but knew she wouldn't like it.  In the end she accepted it -- she just wasn't happy about it.

I decided to go as a person on safari and pretend to be scouting her out with my little binoculars.

I'm thinking next year I want Darcy to be the Cowardly Lion and I'll be Dorothy.  See - too late now but hopefully I'll remember this one for next year. :)

I loved my costume last year.  It was my first year with Darcy and I was Sharknado and Darcy was a Shark.

That was pretty awesome.  The shark costume was a little small for her though.

My mom originally made the costume for my puppy Casey from growing up.  Casey had the bad habit of biting everyone as a puppy so we thought a shark was the perfect costume.

She was adorable and so much trouble at the same time.

When trying to think of a Halloween costume, my best advice is to go for the group costume.  I really am happiest planning out costumes with a group of friends (or these days, with my dog).  Being dressed up in a ridiculous costume is always better with a friend.


Do you have any fun group costumes?