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DIY FOE Hair Ties

Hello!  Hope you are doing well!

I have a fun little DIY project that is quick, easy, and quite the money saver.  It's called the FOE Hair Tie.

The FOE Hair Tie is gentle on your hair and can come in cute designs that to wear on your wrist or in your hair.  These little hair elastics can be found at stores like Anthropologie and fitness studios and they often sell for $3 each if not more.  But you can save a lot if you just make them yourself!

FOE stands for Fold Over Elastic - which is the name of the type of elastic used to make these hair ties.  I usually buy my FOE off of Amazon but you can also try to find them at your local fabric/craft store.  Use the type that is 5/8" wide.  If you're searching on Amazon, just search for "Fold Over Elastic."  My favorite vender on Amazon that I have used in the past is Picki Nicki.  She gives you a few yards of a couple different designs which makes it more fun.  I usually buy a package of 15 yards of FOE that will give you around 55-60 FOE Hair Ties.

First thing you do is cut a 9" piece of FOE.  I like to cut the ends at a slight diagonal.  Make sure that the ends are cut at opposite diagonals so that the ends line up when you fold it in half.

Fold the piece in half and tie a knot at the end.  I find it easiest to loop it around my finger and then pull the knot close to the ends.  Make sure the knot is tight.

To secure the ends - so that they don't fray, I like to carefully melt the ends using the flame from a candle.  You actually don't have to hold it on the flame, just slightly nearby to melt the ends.  You can also use glue on the ends.

And volia!  You are done!  So easy, right?

I've made these hair ties for Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Birthday favors, and just a little special treat for my clients.  With a FOE package of 15 yards at around $13, that means each hair tie costs you less than a quarter!

And of course, they are Darcy approved :)

Just dreaming about these hair ties.

Just dreaming about these hair ties.

What do you think about FOE Hair Ties?  Have you tried them?