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Carrboro 10K & Embracing Fall

Hello!  Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  It is beautiful here in North Carolina.  Temperatures dropped into the 40s last night and this morning has been a truly crisp fall day.  I'm loving it!

This year I've been a little down about summer ending.  I'm hating the thought of the sun going down earlier.  But I am doing my best to look on the bright side (pun intended) and embrace all the wonderful and beautiful things that are fall -- beautiful trees, cooler weather, football, and pumpkin spice everything.

How was your weekend?

Friday night, Nate and I went to dinner at City Kitchen in Chapel Hill.  It is a great spot that I tend to forget about because it's not in Downtown/Franklin Street or in Carrboro which tend to be my go-to areas in Chapel Hill to dine out.

It was packed there on Friday night.  We enjoyed ourselves and our food was delicious.  I had an Open Table dining check which always makes me feel like I'm being a super saver.

Saturday morning I ran a 10K race in Carrboro.

This race is part of Le Tour de Carrboro which is a three part race series in Carrboro, NC.  The first race is a 4 mile race on the 4th of July.  The second is a 10K race on a Saturday in the beginning of October.  The third is their 8K called the Gallop and Gorge which is on Thanksgiving Day.  I ran all three races last year and received a long sleeve running shirt for completing them.  This year, finishers of all three races receive a logo jacket.  I enjoy this race series because it is small and a little more intimate that other races that I have participated in.  I'm able to get to the race 15 minutes before it starts, get a great parking spot, and still have time to use the restroom, listen to the national anthem, and get a great starting spot.  

On Saturday, there were just over 500 racers.  It's a great change of pace (too many puns?) from your 6K-30K runner mayhem.

Nate and Darcy came to see me finish.

Darcy is not in the mood for this picture.

Darcy is not in the mood for this picture.

I had set a goal to run in under 55 minutes - which I met!  So it was a success.  After the race, Nate, Darcy, and I headed to our favorite brunch spot, Jessee's.


I first learned about Jessee's before I moved to Chapel Hill through reading a blog, Fannetastic Food.  Her recommendation did not disappoint, and Nate and I have going there on a regular basis ever since!  They roast their own coffee there which is delicious.  They have it available for sale to brew at home (which I would highly recommend).  Another highlight for me is the beautiful outdoor seating, which means that this lady gets to come along...

I love it when she smiles!

I love it when she smiles!

Darcy has been coming with us to Jessee's since she was a little puppy.  Here she is trying to share Nate's meal.

Look at that little tongue sticking out.

Look at that little tongue sticking out.

That looks like their brisket biscuit.  We took this photo to try to entice our friends to come join us for brunch.  Brunch is always more fun with a pup there!

After our eventful morning, we spent the rest of the day at home getting things straightened out and getting ready for Nate's brother's housewarming party.  I made my good old banana pudding and Nate made a crazy dish that was baked inside a pumpkin (seriously regret not getting a picture).

Today has been a little more relaxed.  I taught two Pure Barre classes in Durham this morning then headed to the dog park with Nate and Darcy.  Afterwards, we went to Merritt's to get some amazing BLTs.


For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Merritt's is a MUST if you're ever in town.  They are famous for their fresh and delicious BLTs.  I usually go for the double BLT on sourdough.  Today, they were out of sourdough so I went for the Light Wheat which was equally amazing.

I'm hoping to spend the rest of my weekend relaxing and catching up on things to prepare for my week.  This week should be pretty fun.  I have plans to see Gone Girl with some girlfriends, teach some PB, and see Phantom next Sunday!  I also have a fun little DIY craft idea to share with you soon!

What are your thoughts on huge races?

What are you looking forward to this fall?