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Falling Forward

So I was hesitant at first.. but now I'm all in..

Happy Fall!

I took an amazing yoga class at Hot Asana in Durham this morning.  The instructor Keegan spoke about being present in the moment.  She said in our busy lives when we are quickly moving from one thing to the next, we are constantly awaiting the next thing.  "I can't wait for work to end..."  "I can't wait for this drive to end.."  "I can't wait for this plank to end..."  I can absolutely relate to this!  I know on my ride home from work, I am so anxious to get home I can barely contain myself.  Or when I'm in a cycling class, the entire time I just want it to be over (which is why I rarely take cycling classes but that's another story).  I'm sure when I start the 90 second plank in Pure Barre, all my clients are dying for me cut it short (maybe just this one time?) and for it to be over.

I felt the same way about Fall this year.  When the days first started to get shorter and it was clear that Fall was fully upon us, I couldn't wait for it to be summer again!  I wanted the beautiful weather, fun dresses, longer days, and more time outside.  What's not to love?  But that's not the point.

I need to embrace the here and now.  I need to be present in this moment.  Summer will come again some day but there is so much to be thankful for now.  I'm thankful for the beautiful trees and the endless amount of pumpkin spiced treats.  I'm thankful for the adorable fall fashion - especially cute boots!  I'm thankful for College Football (Hook 'em!) - even if my team is struggling this year.  I'm thankful for cool, crisp nights where I don't know why, but the outside smells AMAZING.

So here's to falling forward into fall.  I'm all in.  I hope you are too.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  What are you thankful for this fall?