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What's New in Carrboro

Hello!  How are you?  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope your week and your weekend were wonderful.  I know Darcy's was.

Darcy soaking up the beautiful weather this Saturday!

Darcy soaking up the beautiful weather this Saturday!

This weekend I was able to try out a few new restaurants in Carrboro.  I'm always so eager and excited to test a new spot when it opens!

Friday night I met some friends for drinks Souther Rail before heading to dinner at Venable.  Venable was wonderful as always.  After dinner, we headed to Venable's new spot, The B-side Lounge.  B-side just opened this Thursday night.  It is owned by Venable and shares the same kitchen but they are a different menu with small plates, wines, beers, and cocktails.

B-Side Lounge Wine

I loved the atmosphere here and my wine was delicious.  I was a little disappointed in the wine selection (wishing for some more Pinot Noir choices) and having just eaten at Venable, didn't take the chance to try any of their small plates.  I would like to check it out again when I have more of an appetite.  Overall, it was fun but I'm not rushing back either.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a beautiful and amazing yoga class at the Forest Theater at UNC - hosted by Franklin Street Yoga.


Despite the rain we had on Friday night, Saturday morning was beautiful here in NC.  I have practiced yoga at the Forest Theater once before and both times were incredible.  I think I prefer to practice yoga outside.  I love breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scents and sounds around me.  We were told to all wear neon colors which made the pictures bright and fun.  Check us out in pigeon...

From Franklin Street Yoga's Facebook page.

From Franklin Street Yoga's Facebook page.

And I love opening my eyes after shavasana and seeing this...


After yoga, I headed to a somewhat new spot in Carrboro for brunch called Bella's International Cuisine.  Bella's moved from Durham to Carrboro over the summer so I was excited to check it out.  The brunch was really good!  I had the Chorizo Quesadilla which I loved.  The coffee wasn't the best but I think sometimes I can be a little snobby about my coffee.

The inside inside is quaint.  I love the brick wall and the red roses at each table.  

We had our meals out on the patio to enjoy the beautiful day.

Bella's International Cuisine

From here, I enjoyed a little rest and relaxation with my favorite little lady.

Smiley Lady

Sunday was pretty rainy so I took the chance to catch up on things and get ready for my week - my usual Sunday go-to.

Sunday night Nate and I saw the Phantom of the Opera at DPAC.  I LOVED it.  I usually do love the musicals that I see, so I'm not sure I'm the best critic.  I had seen Phantom before in NYC a few years ago and I have to say that the show at DPAC was better.  The set was unreal.  I feel silly saying that but it truly was!  The Phantom of the Opera scene (where he takes her through the mirror and into his chamber) had Christine and Phantom walking down a staircase that was appearing from wall.  The singing was amazing.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend seeing it!


Have you seen the new Phantom of the Opera tour?  Any thoughts?

How was your weekend?